Refund Policy For Kiosks

Method of Refund:
Time or Print Credit

Refund given for (but not limited to):
– Failure to register coin insertion
– Failure of kiosk session to start
– Session freezing
– Failure to Print (this does not include if the kiosk is set to ‘printing unavailable’ and the customer did not read this message prior to inserting coin to start a session)
Kiosks are monitored remotely and technical support staff can verify the nature of a fault. False reports can be detected immediately.

Information required from customer:
– Customer must provide point of purchase details/kiosk location and station number
– Customer to outline nature of fault with service
– Customer must provide valid name and contact details for our database. This is required information to issue credit.

Hi-Speed policy Details:
Once receiving a Technical Support Call support staff can remotely assist customer on kiosk through the following actions:
– Technical Staff can access computer and resolve issue on current computer with credit being restored;
– Customer can be moved to an alternate station and issued with credit, or alternately be provided with credit when next at a kiosk;
– If fault requires manual on-site assistance from Technical/Maintenance staff, customer will be issued with credit to be utilized next time they are on a kiosk, or if possible relocate to another kiosk location.
If customer has emailed query, they will receive email confirmation and instructions on how to access credit next time they are at a kiosk.

Call our support line:  1300 611 001
Support line operating hours:
Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm
Saturday – Sunday 10am – 4pm
These are EST times (Non-daylight savings)
If customer support are attending to another customer, or it is outside above hours, please email:
 with appropriate details as outlined in Refund Policy.